About Me

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“Dreams are answers to questions we haven’t yet figured out how to ask”  ~X-Files

Hey everyone! My name is Alexa and i’m new to this whole blogging thing. Started to really enjoy it though! So some fun facts about me….Im nineteen years old, Sophomore at Rutgers University, i’m PuertoRican and Irish, and live for adventure. I love heights and would love to learn how to fly a plane. I have a goal to travel all around the world and experience other cultures. I have 16 piercings and two tattoos, one in the inside of my lip and one behind my ear. My favorite piercing is my tongue web. I love longboarding, surfing, and swimming. I’ve been a competitive swimmer for about seven years now but these days i’d rather just cruise around in some beautiful weather on my board. I think I was a Cali chick in my previous life. My favorite city is Chicago I love it there. It’s so beautiful and every time I visit I never want to leave. Im in love with music, just everything about it is so wonderful! My favorite kind of music is Indies and some of my favorite bands are The Kooks, Two Door Cinema Club, Temper Trap, Passion Pit, The Black Keys, Avalanche City, Bombay Bicycle Club, Phoenix, MGMT, Youth, Wakey Wakey, and Ed Sheeran. And that’s only a few of the bands I listen to. Im a huge hippie at heart. PEACE, LOVE, AND HAPPINESS! ❤

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