Well I Guess It’s Sick Obsession Day!

Another one of my sick obsessions…. well I wouldn’t say sick I would really just say cute because PANDAS ARE JUST SO FREAKIN CUTE! I absolutely love pandas. absolutely anything panda! I have a panda pillow pet, poster, eraser’s, little toy figure, post it notes, thank you cards, necklace! Just about everything i’v seen with a panda on it i’ve picked it up. The first spot on my bucket list is filled with “Hold a baby panda.” This will get done people! It must or I will not die a happy person. It’s gotten to the point where if anyone of my friends see a panda they think of me. I get pictures sent to me all the time of pandas. Gotta love my friends! Glad to know i’m on their minds. And yeah I know pandas look cute even though they are vicious animals but I really believe I might be a panda whisperer. We would get along so well. Well anyway so the whole point of this post was really to show everyone a pair of toms I came across. If they weren’t so damn expensive they would be on my feet already! So beautifully hand painted….I’ll be forever jealous of anyone who owns these…

Borrowed from Etsy.com

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