Vans Will Make Her Dance!

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Vans….will always be my favorite shoes. I’ll be wearing them until i’m old and grey… heck ill make sure to make it known that I would love to be buried in them when I die. Not trying to make this post gloomy….sooo anyway…Vans! I just love them so much I honestly cant get enough. I have so many and every time I pass by a vans store I can’t help myself from picking up another pair. It’s sort of a sick obsession that I have but hey its not harming anyone…well besides my wallet. If I pass by anyone in the street or maybe in the library or even the bus who’s wearing vans the first thought to pop in my head “You’re automatically a chill doode.” You can be the creepiest person ever or even a criminal and it won’t even matter because your choice of sneakers just makes you amazing! People probably see me staring at their feet while i’m admiring their shoes and think i’m a crazy person. I can promise you i’m not I JUST LOVE YOUR SHOESSS! okay I think that’s enough i’ll just leave you with one more thing… You want to get on my good side? Buy me a pair of vans! Size 8. Thanksss šŸ˜‰

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