Well I Guess It’s Sick Obsession Day!

Another one of my sick obsessions…. well I wouldn’t say sick I would really just say cute because PANDAS ARE JUST SO FREAKIN CUTE! I absolutely love pandas. absolutely anything panda! I have a panda pillow pet, poster, eraser’s, little toy figure, post it notes, thank you cards, necklace! Just about everything i’v seen with a panda on it i’ve picked it up. The first spot on my bucket list is filled with “Hold a baby panda.” This will get done people! It must or I will not die a happy person. It’s gotten to the point where if anyone of my friends see a panda they think of me. I get pictures sent to me all the time of pandas. Gotta love my friends! Glad to know i’m on their minds. And yeah I know pandas look cute even though they are vicious animals but I really believe I might be a panda whisperer. We would get along so well. Well anyway so the whole point of this post was really to show everyone a pair of toms I came across. If they weren’t so damn expensive they would be on my feet already! So beautifully hand painted….I’ll be forever jealous of anyone who owns these…

Borrowed from Etsy.com

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Vans Will Make Her Dance!

Borrowed from Weheartit.com

Vans….will always be my favorite shoes. I’ll be wearing them until i’m old and grey… heck ill make sure to make it known that I would love to be buried in them when I die. Not trying to make this post gloomy….sooo anyway…Vans! I just love them so much I honestly cant get enough. I have so many and every time I pass by a vans store I can’t help myself from picking up another pair. It’s sort of a sick obsession that I have but hey its not harming anyone…well besides my wallet. If I pass by anyone in the street or maybe in the library or even the bus who’s wearing vans the first thought to pop in my head “You’re automatically a chill doode.” You can be the creepiest person ever or even a criminal and it won’t even matter because your choice of sneakers just makes you amazing! People probably see me staring at their feet while i’m admiring their shoes and think i’m a crazy person. I can promise you i’m not I JUST LOVE YOUR SHOESSS! okay I think that’s enough i’ll just leave you with one more thing… You want to get on my good side? Buy me a pair of vans! Size 8. Thanksss 😉

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Dallas Green Has Changed My Life

Borrowed from last.fm.com

Dallas Green the guitarist and vocalist of City and Colour is one of my favorite artists in the entire world. He is so talented and every last one of his songs speaks to me. His music is so soothing and real! It’s hard to find an artist that you enjoy every single one of their songs but this guy does it for me. I started listening to him in 2004 when his first album came out and every since then i’ve been a devoted fan. His lyrics are beautiful and I find myself relating to them. If i ever had to chance to meet him I would go insane and i’m usually not the one to be starstruck. In love with Dallas until the end of time. City and Colour has changed my life.

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Bring It On Winter!

As much as I love the summer and the beautiful sunny days that come along with it, I cant wait for the weather to change! I need to start pulling out the beanies, flannels, skinnies, and vans. Yeah i’m one of those girls and damn proud of it.

Borrowed from Weheartit.com

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Dont Worry Be Happy

picture borrowed from tumblr.com

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around”

-Leo Buscaglia

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Experience Setting Up The Blog

Being new to the whole blogging sites was a little overwhelming  but I think i’m getting the hang of it. I love every little thing that you could do to make the blog look great. I’m sure I will be posting pictures and music more than anything else. I love this DIY assignment. At first it was a little confusing to figure out all of the ways to edit everything but i’ll learn. I’m still a little confused on how to add links though I hope i’m doing it right. I used to have tumblr that I didn’t use too often because I just got caught up with other things and was too busy. From time to time I like viewing the pictures that other people post. Im sure a ton of tumblr pictures will end up on my blog! Cant wait to keep posting!

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